You want to become an expat.
I want to help get you there - wherever there might be!

After 15 years spent living, working and traveling abroad, it is my mission to help you spend a year, or two, or the rest of your life doing the same.

Life as an expat isn’t always easy, but it is always possible. I can help you every step of the way - from planning your first move, through helping you mindfully plan your return back home again.

How To Move Abroad (And Why It’s The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do)

Coming to you from Travel + Expat Expert and Author Jessica Drucker (that’s me), this book demystifies the process of moving abroad.

150+ pages filled with practical advice, personal stories, and reality checks that demystify your future life abroad.

Get one-on-one help with your move abroad. Spend 30 minutes asking me everything you ever wanted to know, or let’s spend 90 minutes creating a custom step-by-tep plan for moving abroad in as little as 90 days.

Longer-Term Coaching

I am an Expat Life Coach. I work with future expats and current expats looking for clarity and focus for the next phase of your life.

My Five Freedoms Framework™ helps you find the freedom you have been searching for by helping you see, understand and unlearn your limiting beliefs in five key areas of your life:

Physical Freedom
Emotional Freedom
Geographic Freedom
Financial Freedom
Spiritual Freedom

As a certified life coach and serial expat, I have started my life over in five countries on three continents, and I understand the very specific feelings of being from everywhere, belonging nowhere and seeing opportunity - and lack of opportunity - all around the world.

Find out more about my coaching services or contact me directly to see if I am currently accepting clients.