“I have discovered in life that there are ways
of getting almost anywhere you want to go,
if you really want to go.”

-Langston Hughes

You dream of experiencing life abroad.
My mission is to help get you there.


It is never too late (or too early) to move abroad. You are not too old, your kids are not too young. Your life is too precious to live the whole thing without chasing down such a big dream. You don’t have to wait to live abroad. The world is waiting for you now.


About Jessica Drucker
Author + Expat Life Coach

I have started my life over 7 times.

I have lived in five countries, on three continents, and traveled to 42 more.

I have taken leaps when I had nothing: I moved to Germany with $100, without speaking a word of German, and had two full time teaching jobs within three months.

I have been a student abroad: I moved to Costa Rica during my undergrad and England for my Master’s degree.

I was a digital nomad: I co-founded a travel blog, packed up all my belongings, and traveled the world for four years straight.

I have lived in global cities like London and New York City, and in Alpine villages, tropical jungles and desert landscapes around the world.

I have been rammed by a cow in India, got Dengue Fever in Guatemala, broke my ankle in Peru…

I spent years riding the up and down rollercoaster of expat life. Every single minute was worth it.


Today, my wife, my pug and I live in Brooklyn. I spend my days as Tourism + Hospitality Director for one of the most exciting neighborhoods in New York City, and I spend the rest of my time working with people just like you who want help figuring out how to spend time exploring the world.

If you have little voice inside your head that has been whispering politely about moving to Tokyo, or Paris, or in a sleepy beach hamlet in Uruguay, let’s work together before that whisper becomes a deafening yell.

Author: How To Move Abroad (And Why It’s The Best Thing You Can Do)

Find out more about my latest book here.

Expat Coach

Work with me one-on-one to make your dreams of living abroad into a reality.

Hire me to speak

Contact me if you’re interested in having me speak at your next conference, or to run a moving abroad workshop in your neighborhood, or company.

I spent 10 years as an expat in:

Costa Rica for one year
Guatemala for two years
Germany for three years
England for four years

I spent four years as a digital nomad, traveling to:

Mexico / Belize / Guatemala / Honduras / El Salvador / Nicaragua / Panama / Colombia / Bolivia / Peru / Uruguay / Brazil / Argentina / Chile / Canada / United States / Jamaica / England / Scotland / Wales / Ireland / Germany / France / Spain / Portugal / Austria / Norway / Czech Republic / Italy / The Netherlands / India / Thailand / Cambodia / Laos / Singapore / Malaysia.

Languages I speak

English, German, Spanish. I do accents, too.