—I help expats and future expats in times of major transition to achieve major goals —



If you want to make a major change

  • Move abroad for the first time.

  • Move to a new country.

  • Return to your native country.

  • Change your career.

  • Become nomadic.

  • Move your family to Paris or Mexico or Japan for the summer… or the year.

  • Start a business.

  • Retire abroad.

  • Reinvent yourself from scratch.

About Jessica Drucker
Expat Life Coach

I have started my life over 7 times.

I have lived in five countries, on three continents, and traveled to 42 more.

I have taken leaps when I had nothing: I moved to Germany with $100, without speaking a word of German, and had two full time teaching jobs within three months.

I have been a student abroad: I moved to Costa Rica during my undergrad and England for my Master’s degree.

I was a digital nomad: I co-founded a travel blog, packed up all my belongings, and traveled the world for four years straight.

I have lived in global cities like London and New York City, and in Alpine villages, tropical jungles and desert landscapes around the world.

I have been rammed by a cow in India, got Dengue Fever in Guatemala, broke my ankle in Peru…

But it’s not just about me, or what I have done.

Me, circa 2012, on a windy day at the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia.

It’s about the thousands of people I met along the way living amazing, creative and fulfilling lives.

You can do the thing you always wanted to do. You can live where you want, spend your days how you want, start the business you want.

Work with me.

The Five Freedoms Framework™

Learn how to work every single day toward your ultimate freedom. As an expat, you know what it is like to go forth in search of freedom. Together, we work to create that life of freedom with my Five Freedoms Framework™.

First, you focus on understanding your idea of freedom, and your limiting beliefs in five key areas of your life.

  • Physical Freedom

  • Emotional Freedom

  • Geographical Freedom

  • Financial Freedom

  • Spiritual Freedom

Next, we work to unlearn the lessons taught to you by others that are holding you back from chasing your dream.

Then, you learn to hear your inner voice to find out how to make a huge change in your life.

Finally, you take goal-oriented action to create a life that fulfills you every day.


Absolute freedom is 100% within your reach.